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Sir Gold, Sir Silver, and Sir Rusty are brave knights and best friends who fiercely protect Castle Precious and the villagers of Everbright from the scourge of terrifying stripy dragons.

One day while on their way back to the castle, the knights find a newly hatched baby stripy dragon crying for its mother and decide to adopt him so they can learn more about the sworn mortal enemies of the land. As the little dragon grows bigger and stronger from a diet of strawberry tarts, the knights anxiously wait to see if he can really help them in their quest to better understand the flying fiery reptiles.

In this delightful children’s story, a trio of knights sworn to protect their mystical land from scary creatures adopt a baby dragon who helps educate them about his reptilian traits.




sick baby dragon is no fun for anyone! Timothy Dragon has caught a cold and is having explosive sneezes and fiery coughs all around Castle Precious. Not even the Precious Knights—Sir Gold, Sir Silver, and Sir Rusty—can help him, since he can’t even swallow their soothing strawberry cough medicine.

Then a wizard comes to the castle and tells the knights about a damsel who has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner in a stone fortress guarded by two bad-tempered stripy dragons. The knights set out to rescue her, with some helpful advice on dragons from Timothy. When they discover that the damsel,
Princess Crystal, has the ability to heal people with her tears, the knights take her back to Castle Precious. Perhaps she can help cure Timothy’s cold!

In this children’s story, the knights of castle precious work to help both their sick dragon friend and a princess in distress, making sure everyone is safe and healthy.



Timothy the dragon is in a rotten mood. The Precious Knights Sir Gold, Sir Silver, and Sir Rusty can’t understand what’s caused their loveable little dragon to be so miserable. Sir Rusty and Sir Silver embark on a quest to visit a local wizard to determine why Timothy is upset.

After encountering a marauding band of stripy dragons and dealing with that problem, the two knights find the local wizard who reveals the reason for Timothy’s mood. Could it be they missed celebrating an important milestone? Perhaps Timothy’s feelings hurt because they forgot his important ten-moon birthday? The friends must return to the castle in time to fix the problem.

Whose Birthday is It?, a picture book for children, shares how even dragons can be disappointed but that good friends can help make life better.



Offering an amusing picture of life in the United States from a British point of view, Who Put Ice in My Tea? shares a collection of short stories detailing the cultural differences between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Author Valerie Crowe, a newcomer to the United States, narrates humorous anecdotes and musings about life in her new country. From driving on the right-hand side of the road, to the trials of pushing a disabled shopping cart, to battling a fitted soap dispenser, to dealing with computerized voice answering services, and more, she gives a compelling first-person perspective of adjusting to an array of new and interesting situations in the United States.

The British answer to Erma Bombeck, Who Put Ice in My Tea? presents a variety of observations from a woman who moved from Jolly Old and is trying to acclimate to a life and fresh experiences in Florida.




Finding the humor in everyday living, author Valerie Crowe presents a collection of essays that takes a look at the world from her point of view.

From the problems a grandmother faces babysitting the grandchildren, to the trauma of attempting to fold a fitted sheet, to the issues of aging, Oh, Sheet! explores a range of topics as experienced by Crowe, a woman who has sailed through the sea of life and weathered a few storms.

Offering sly insights in an intimate, conversational style, Crowe gives an entertianing and unique perspective on an array of subjects familiar to many.

I know that it cannot just be me! I am totally convinced that my recent “Houdini” exploits in trying to fold a fitted sheet qualify as one of the most common complaints experienced by anyone who has to do a weekly load of laundry that involves bed linens.

I have watched countless YouTube videos on the art of folding these seemingly innocent objects, but as soon as I’m confronted with the wretched things, the nightmare starts again. I’ve tried laying them out on the bed and stretching out the corners, but as soon as I think I have one side under control, the other side curls up into a ball, and it’s back to square one.



A new school, new friends, a beloved pet and a jealous classmate. This story deals with how spite and jealousy can spoil a good time for everyone. Luckily, true friendship, a smart teacher and the love between a girl and her dog win the day!



A new school, new friends, a beloved pet and a jealous classmate. This story deals with how spite and jealousy can spoil a good time for everyone. Luckily, true friendship, a smart teacher and the love between a girl and her dog win the day!